How do I get a stand?

They are wholesalers, producer or importer in the area Home&Garden?
Then you get in touch with us and protect to yourselves your exhibition stand with the biggest whole year fair germany.

Which exhibition possibilities are there?

  • Exhibition stand in the Cash&Carry principle from 18 m ²
  • Palette places already from 2 palettes per 120x80cm (1 m ²)
  • Presentation in the Inhouse-exhibition per pattern ordering and principle of delivery from 1 m ²


The rent arrangement is closed/set for 1 year.

Seasonal special surfaces can be booked after special arrangements.

Ask for our special offers calendars. (From October, 2017)

After your application we will send you our conditions of the contract. Badge to the request form.

Or get in touch directly with us:


We take over the complete customer winding up for you:

  • Advertisement
  • Sales account with customers
  • Commission account with you

Other services, as for example:

  • Stand construction
  • Stand care
  • Decoration
  • Power connection
  • We offer partition walls to you adaptably.

Ask for our conditions.

You have other wishes? Tell us so that we can offer a solution for your needs.

Range of goods

Our wholesale assortment consists the following:

Home & Garden:

Tables, decorations, pieces of furniture, lamps, residential textiles, candles, kitchen utensils, carpets, cushions, ceramics, porcelain, glass, cutlery, Kitchen accesoires, figures, baskets, mirrors, stucco, textile plants, Barbeque, piece of furniture, Pavillion, fountain, figures, devices, terracotta, rose arch, climbing aids, beach baskets, bird baths, birdhouses and decorations.

Hobby/ artist´s need

Colours, easel, accessories, pictures, frames, tinkering, materials


Clothes and accesoires for children, furniture for children, learning and school supplies, games, toys, soft toys and baby goods

Pet supplies

Luxury, furniture for animals, toys, clothes and gourmet

Equipment/ Decoration

Floristik, measuring, hotellerie, shop-window, shop, office, advertising article, advertising gifts, materials, Dekofigures, packaging, accessories, various Bodycare/


Cosmetics and care products, spa and accessories


Maps, tapes, books, cellophane, tapes, stationery, jute products, paper bags, role paper, napkins, packaging, signs

Jewellery & Accessoirs

Hair ornament, costume jewellery, precious stones, hats, watches, pockets, cloths, flip flops, belts


Wine, tea gourmet presents, Sweets, liqueurs, jams, dry, Antipasti, pasta, Pesto, Vinegar and oil, spices, salt

Saison/ Specials

  • Christmas, Easter, autumn, summer, spring, carnival, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Valentin, wedding, baptism, party-joke article,
  • Fairtrade, precious stones, esotericism, strange, wood, iron, hand maggot, regional, exotic, Nature,
  • Antique, vintage, Shabby, country house style, romanticism, English, Maritime, Retro, Rustic, Asia, Northern,
  • Colonial, fashionably, Oriental, nature, Country,
  • Licence article, Merchandisingprodukte, faith, souvenirs, music, beach baskets, to seats, spa, light

Your product range is not included?

Ask for your picture palette, we would be glad to advise you about possibilities of cooperation.

The following items are not allowed for sale:

Perishable goods, flammable liquids, pyrotechnic articles, explosive or hazardous substances, weapons and ammunition, parteipolitic or anti – constitutional symbols, irreverent articles.


Profit from our modern legacy system with day-exact examination.

Please get in touch with us for further information.

Für weitere Informationen nehmen Sie gerne Kontakt mit uns auf

Own pictures

Sell it Nord GmbH takes over the advertisement.

With pleasure we introduce your pictures on our advertising media with.

Appeal to us/ Talk to us.

Examination into finances

You as an exhibitor have daily insight of the topical sales figures of your product.


To prevent theft, we execute regular controls.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to book goods protection in addition. Ask for our conditions.

Movable walls

The exhibition stand is empty by handing over, you have the following choices:

  • open Crossings
  • separate your stand with sales stands to the neighbour
  • Own movable walls
  • rent Sell it movable walls

With pleasure we build them up for you before you move in. Ask for our conditions.


The hall is generously illuminated with daylight and modern light strips. – To emphasise your exhibition stand, we offer to you a separate power connection.
When required it is our pleasure to provide suitable light systems for you.
Ask for our conditions.

Admission fee

There is NO admission fee

Exclusive rights

To offer a wide assortment to our customers, we award no exclusive rights.

Minimum size

  • 24 m ² in Cash & Carry System
  • 15 m ² in Cash & Carry for Start-up enterprises
  • 2 m ² separate palette places (1 palette, 120×80 cm)
  • 1 m ² pattern presentation in the Inhousemesse

What offers the Inhouse- exhibition?

  • Pattern exhibition, after the order principle and principle of delivery
  • New product can be testet how it is
  • Large amounts can be ordered
  • Rent surface in 1 square metre possibly
  • Exhibitor sets the order amount, per product also VPE, repackaging, relay prices and the delivery time  – Direct delivery from exhibitor to buyer possible
  • articles/ products can be collected by us, commissions and collection or Delivery can be provided by us as well.

How long is the minimum rent-time?
1 year – From 3 months with 25% of impact possibly

Who looks after the customers?
The customers are supervised by our trained fair team and are examined when required.

Which goods carriers are permitted?
exhibitor can use their shelves and similar objects for their goods presentation

(observe fire safety regulations)

Alternatively we offer you a goods presentation by wish

Pallet space

Which pallets are possible?

  • Chep, ½ (80x60cm) with 10% of surcharge (2nd set = price of 1 palette + 10%)
  • Chep ¼ (60x40cm) with 20% of surcharge (4th set = price of 1 palette + 20%)

  • Europalettes (120x80cm), displays, also complete displays for the ordering or immediately take
    Mass max. 120 x 80 cm with outsize 2 places are calculated
  • Other mass on inquiry Who refills?

Our service: With pleasure we clear up min. 1x daily empty palettes away and fill in their place if the same or other products exist – There are no other costs for you

Is it possible to refill with other products?

You as an exhibitor may choose yourself, which products and Amounts will take place at the selling area Where are the pallet spaces?

  • The places are on the special surfaces at the entry and exit area/ cash zone, as well as beside the cafeteria.
  • When required we reserve ourselves changes.
  • An attractive general view, as well as your sales promtion stand also in our interest.

Is it possible to sell Displays?

Yes, there are the following possibilities

  • Pattern display on palette surface or Inhouse-exhabition
  • The customer is able to take displays from stock directly in the C&C system
  • Customer orders the product and is delivered directly by you or commissioned by us for collection
  • Complete displays on C&C surface for direct collection
  • Display or palette product are also for the retail sale or bar displays Why are the headstands bigger than the others?

to prevent a generous and bright general view we have to build the

Final stands 2 m / or 4 m broader included in the plan


How do I become a customer?

You are:

  • Retailer in the area Home & garden?
  • Outfitter?
  • Inside setter?
  • Hotellerie?

For a registration we need the following documents in copy:

  • valid identity card
  • Extract from the commercial register or trading licence
  • USt-ID of your enterprise
  • Passport photograph

Request here for your personal Cutomer card.

After examination and treatment we contact you as quickly as possible. Who is entitled to buy?

Unequivocal identification:

  • Proofs are to be produced (extract commercial register, trading licence, Website
  • Retailer from the branch, (see assortment) one selling area can prove (e. g. , photos on website)
  • Furniture houses, garden centre, florist, flower trade, world stores, Fairtrade, Delicatessen, whole food shops, health food stores, stationery stores, souvenir stores,
  • Court stores, esotericism stores, toy store, animal need?
  • Interior decorator, inside outfitter, decorators, fair construction,

Admission only with supplement in the tradinglicence/ commercial register sales of goods assortment:


Who gets no admission?

Pure online shops

Artist, exhibitor without trading licence to the resale

Retailer of other branches

What expects me?

A varied offer of regional and international exhibitors.
Cash & Carry – see, shop and directly take.
Inhousemesse after the ordering & principle of delivery
Generous ways and cash zone
Comfortably only 1 calculation of more than 140 exhibitors

What is the least puchase price?

Least purchase is 300 €

You find us before the gates of Hamburg.

You find a journey description here

Badge journey Parking lots

Free parking lots are available to you directly before the door.

Our bistro area waits with small delicacies for you … for feasting and staying What happens if I forget to take my Customer card with me?

If you have forgotten your Customer card, we will exhibit you a one day pass for a fee of 5€ after presentation of your ID card. Lost Customer card?

Please, inform us directly, so that we can block your card to protect us and you from abuse with pleasure we will send you a new Customer card against a fee of 20€

Why ID? Security?

We carry out our strict admittance control for the protection of our professional clientele,

New to the trade or end user receive no access.

How many people can I take with me?

For every registered company max. 2 shopping identity cards are issued. – The shopping Customer card is not transferable and is valid only in connection with the ID card Visitors?

Admittance is granted only after evident reason to visitors, e. g. , authorities or craftsmen
Entry control / Admittance control

Yes, the admittance is strictly controlled, private individuals or new to the trade.

Trades / retailers receive no admission Bags?

To avoid misunderstandings, we ask you to leave pockets and backpacks outdoors.

You can deposit in the lockers. We lend you with pleasure a company bag. Membership fee/ Admission fee

We take NO admission fee. Delivery?

Yes, with pleasure we provide for you a suitable delivery service.